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When a florist gets hitched-Jac gets married!

As seen on the brilliant blog site Wimsical Wonderland Weddings, posted by Louise on March 24th 2017

Sam and Jacalyn

The Date: Saturday 18th June 2016

The Place: Buckland St Mary Church and a Marquee on parents farm

The Photographer: Elizabeth Armitage photography

Second Shooter: Emma, Heart Full of Tea


I have been with the team for twelve years so when I announced I had got engaged and had a wedding to plan, the girls were so excited, a hat to buy and a team wedding!!

I had been planning and sketching for at least 12 months, although, as a florist; my wedding flowers had been in the back of mind for years! My vision for our wedding flowers- wild, rambling flowers and foliages with most importantly A LOT OF COLOUR!

I have a huge passion for nature and the countryside where I have grown up, with a big love for gardens.

It is so important to be true to yourself when planning your wedding, however big or small. Try not to copy trends too strictly and whatever budget you may have, you can still create an impact with your flowers by selecting focal areas.

Create moodboards or gather ideas, materials and colours together, anything which catches your idea to give yourself a clear vision.


Buckland St Mary C of E Church is one of the largest in the area boasting beautiful commissioned stain glass windows and wonderful coloured walls and marble features inside. It is known as 'The Cathedral of the Blackdowns' so it was only right we went big on the flowers! 

We used locally sourced willow (the boss' garden!) to add a wild and enchanting feel and to add height to such a large doorway- I wanted our guests to feel as if they were climbing through a secret garden on their way inside the church. Thankfully no eyes were poked out during the day!


I hand painted our stationary to echo the flowers I planned to have. A continued theme.


The girls wanted to make sure any guest who wasn't wearing a button hole, had one! They insisted they did this, they said "This is a florist's wedding- everyone needed a flower!" It was a simple case of using up the spare flowers and standing outside the church making sure they sorted everyone out- whether they wanted one or not!

Sam waiting with the guys at church; while Elizabeth was home with us, her second shooter Emma was keeping the guys very chilled at the church!

The exciting bit- the arrival of the bouquets!!!! 

A silk headdress for Eva, my flower girl- a lovely keepsake and just as realistic.

I wanted to go big with my bouquet- I had a stunning 1920s style dress, elegant with tulle and the most beautiful beading, so to compliment the style of the dress I opted for a long rambling cascading bouquet- representative of the era. I created a structure of willow to allow the flowers to entwine and fall long, using a mix of flowers and foliages from my Mum and Nan's gardens- it was very personal to me. When Angie came to recreate the bouquet we practised, for the day- I had given her numerous buckets of flowers to work with- I think she honestly thought 'how the heck am I going to use all of this!'

The girls had equisite composite bouquets using the theme of willow to make a collar and then stems of David Austin 'Darcy' a rich cerise pink garden style Rose to create one large Rose effect. We used spare details of the bridesmaids embroidery on the bouquets (keep scrolling for a close up of these pretty details).


Can't beat a confetti shot! Mum's having a great time here!! We make our own confetti- fresh and dried, it is obligatory to have confetti at a wedding! 

I dressed the entrance to the marquee tunnel to create that WOW appeal for us and our guests on arrival to the wedding!! The rest of the team who weren't at the reception very kindly transferred most of the church designs across to the marquee- here we have used two of the pedestal displays sat low at the base of the entrance to open it up and complete the framing. 

A prime of example of dressing key areas, just something in or at the entrance to your reception can make such a statement and it's a lovely way of welcoming your guests to 'your wedding', it also gives them a little glimpse into what they are to expect inside. Also, if you can, move your flowers around to make the most of them- you have paid for these so try not to leave them all in the church or in the registrar room for the rest of the day- take them with you and use them in a space which needs a little bit of PAZAZZ such as the entrance, near your wedding cake or even behind your top table!

A cute idea- I made silk wrist corsages and wrapped them in tissue for the girls to open when they sat down and had already put their bouquets down. Something for the evening and to wear again at festivals or other weddings!

A great tip- fill vases with water near your cake or your guest table ready for you and your bridesmaids to place your bouquets- I collected lots of stunning green glassware and used them in these two areas. Everyone will want to look at them and they instantly brighten up a blank space. I then had some pretty vases to give away after the wedding and keep for myself!

This piccy shows that stunning little detail from the bridesmaid dresses which we used in their bouquets- a little bit of their embroidery just made them extra personal.

*My beautiful bridesmaid dresses were made by the talented Kim at Abidemaids.

The girls wanted to make a real statement here and to keep to my garden theme, they thought a floral border along the front of our top table would just look FAB, and it did! What's more, it attracted lovely little bumble bee's all day! Our groomsmen had then moved these up onto the stage afterwards for the band to enjoy!

My mum had hand made beautiful jade green glazed ceramic bowls for our flowers to sit in.



For a large space such as a marquee, it is a good idea to think about bringing down the ceiling and breaking up the space by suspended designs such as these hoops. I had made these 6 months in advance, a round hoop to mirror the round tables and the round centre pieces. Using Angie's willow and beautiful copper beech from my parents farm, these were rambling out to approximately 8ft in diameter! Silk flowers meant we could get these done mid week which was great for peace of mind!


Mum receiving thank you flowers, done in water so she didn't need to worry about them over the evening. I know it can seem traditional but we wanted to thank our parents in front of all of our guests as they really had done so much!

Don't forget to take your flowers with you if you can after your wedding, it's so sad when we return to a venue to see the flowers looking abandoned- take them home if you can, give them away to friends and family, to passed friends or family members gravesides, a church, a nursing home or a charity even. Keep the memory for a little bit longer and enjoy them for a little bit more (just make sure to re cut the stems and give them a good drink of water) :)


What a day! We hope you have enjoyed this blog as much as we enjoyed the day and perhaps given a little inspiration or some helpful tips to making your day as super special! 

Jacalyn and the girls at CF x


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